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The roof on your home offers protection from weather conditions and insulates you and your family from the cold and damp outside. Nevertheless, your roof, chimney, downspouts or skylights are all susceptible to damage over time due to a variety of circumstances, such as being subjected to severe weather conditions or not receiving regular maintenance. When it comes to preventing further damage or expensive repairs, it is essential to take prompt action.

Are you looking for an emergency roof repair or Roofing in Baldwin’s Gate? You’re in luck as J Hamer Roofing is a team of experienced roofers that can handle any roofing problem you might have on your property. Whether your home is a modern new build, a period or heritage property, equestrian farmhouse or a character cottage, we do them all. Chimney repairs and rebuilds, guttering and fascias and all associated roofing work. We can fix and replace flat roofs or pitched roofs on any type of domestic, agricultural or commercial building.


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Roof Repairs Whitmore and Baldwins Gate

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Slate roofs are a common option in Baldwins Gate because of their strength, endurance, and visual appeal. Whatever material your roof is made from we have the expertise to repair or replace it so that your home is warm and dry. You may have a complex roof issue for example with lead valleys, flat roof sections mixed with pitched roofs, or a mix of period tiles and more modern roofing tiles. This is why you will need the knowledge and expertise of a qualified roofing expert.

Roof inspection

The first step to identifying underlying problems is a thorough roof inspection. We will inspect the roof to check for structural issues and potential leaks and can make a thorough assessment of the roof’s condition and make recommendations on repairs or if it needs a replacement.

Leak repair and detection

Roof leaks are difficult to detect, especially when they’re small or concealed. All our team are trained to use special equipment and techniques to accurately detect leaks. They will fix the leak as soon as they have identified the source.

Tile replacement

We will replace cracked, shaling or missing tiles to restore your overall roofs integrity. The new ones will aim to match into the existing ones you have in style and colour.

Repair or replace damaged flashing

Roof leaks are often caused by gaps in flashing or where the lead has failed over time.Our roofing specialists will inspect flashing around skylights, chimneys and vents as well as the underlying timber structure. We can repair or replace the flashing as necessary to ensure a leak-free home.

In conclusion, homeowners may have major concerns about roof replacements or repairs and how much upheaval or cost might be involved. Whether you are looking for a small fast fix repair or considering a local roofing contractor to take on rebuilding a heritage roof on a large country home Jason Hamer Roofing has the expertise and manpower to tackle any construction related project. This includes replacing missing or broken tiles, fixing leaks, and taking care of any structural issues through to extensive farm and barn re-roofing works.


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For a replacement roof, chimney and roofing repairs around Baldwin’s Gate get a genuine quote from an expert roofing contractor like J Hamer Roofing Ltd.  

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Customer feedback includes They were hard working, friendly and obviously took pride in their work. When the work was complete, they cleaned up any “mess” and ensured we were satisfied with the work they had done. Overall, we are most pleased with the completed work and have no hesitation in recommending this company.

To arrange a free and friendly quote for any roofing or chimney work in ST5 call Jason today.


Expertise and Experience:

We have the necessary expertise and experience to identify and address your roof problems efficiently and have seen all sorts of roof-related issues over the years and can offer tailored solutions tailored to each particular circumstance.

High-Quality Workmanship:

Reputable roofing companies near Baldwin's Gate like ours take great pride in offering excellent craftsmanship. Using high quality materials and industry standard techniques, we ensure your repairs or re-roofs meet the highest standard.

Time and Cost Savings:

Doing roof repair yourself can be time-consuming and potentially costly, particularly without the right skills and tools. Hiring professionals can save both time and money in the long run as we will address problems quickly, potentially preventing further damage that may have required costly repairs in the future.


Slate Roof repairs can be hazardous for those unfamiliar with working at heights, yet our professional and qualified roofing team have been trained in safety procedures and possess all of the equipment needed for safe repairs. By hiring experts instead, injuries or accidents may be reduced or avoided altogether.


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