Leadwork Shropshire

We specialise in all aspects of the installation and repair of leadwork.

Lead is used to ensure a water tight finish to a roof to prevent any ingress of water in to the roof structure.

We offer all types of leadwork:

  • Chimney flashings
  • Dormers
  • Bay windows
  • Valley gutters
  • On-site welding
  • Lead flat roofs
  • Decorative work

If you’d prefer to speak to a member of staff about our leadwork capabilities, you can do so by calling us now on 07527 434309

Lead Benefits

Its fully recyclable it is one of the more eco friendly roofing materials you can use, it can be melted down and used again.

Resistant Corrosion

Can withstand extreme weather conditions

Long Lasting

One of the oldest and most durable roofing materials, lasts over 100 years


Can shape and weld it into the most awkward angles on a roof

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