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Wem is a picturesque market town and like other local Shropshire towns, has a mix of new and traditional and heritage properties that are subject to the wear and tear of the weather over time. One area that requires frequent attention is the roof of your home. A repair or a new roof may be necessary to protect a building from the elements and maintain its structural integrity.

Wem residents who invest in regular roof maintenance checks can extend the life of their roof and prevent further problems. Repairs made on time can help identify any underlying problems that could result in more substantial roofing problems or even a complete roof replacement.


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Roof Problems in Wem

Wem has a mix of sunshine and heavy rain at times so local residents may face a mix of ageing roof structures, new build roofs on extensions or heritage work on an old property that needs repair or replacement. Common tasks we are called to help with might include the following:

Roof Leaks?

These can be caused by deteriorated or cracked roofing materials, poor installation or extreme weather conditions. If not dealt with promptly then water could get in causing mold, damp problems and structural compromise.

Loose Slates?

Your tiles can become loose, cracked or detached from wind, hail or aging over time. The roof structure can be affected by water infiltration if tiles are missing or displaced so this needs attending to quickly before it gets worse.

Leaky Flashing?

Flashing is used as a barrier around roof openings such as skylights and chimneys to stop water seeping in, as well as lead channels between sections of your roof. Water can seep through cracked or incorrectly installed flashing causing problems to the structure of your loft or attic beneath and then to your bedrooms or bathrooms.

Roof Sagging?

Sagging roofs are a serious problem that need immediate attention. This can be due to a variety of factors including structural heave, excess weight from incorrectly specified heavy concrete tiles or insufficient beam and truss support. Sagging and puddles of water are common on flat roofing.



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We aim to eliminate your concerns over leaking roofs by addressing any issues promptly and professionally. When you hire a Shropshire roofing contractor with experience of working on your type of roof, like us, then we can do it all from replacing missing or cracked tiles to repairing leaks and addressing major structural issues, J Hamer Roofing can help ensure that you also get a proper guarantee you can rely on, with quality workmanship so that your home is protected for many years in the future. 

With a 4.95 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  review summary you can trust our many genuine customer ratings to show we offer excellent workmanship at the right prices. 

Previous customer reviews include “Jason’s firm was recommended to me by several people and I was most impressed by, firstly, Jason always responding to messages and phone calls, then the care, diligence and hard work of his team. I am very pleased with my lovely, moss-free new roof and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm’s services.” 

If you want an excellent local roofer contact us today for a free quotation for your domestic and agricultural flat roofing or pitched repair or new roof needs.


Expertise and Experience:

We have the necessary expertise and experience to identify and address your roof problems efficiently and have seen all sorts of roof-related issues over the years and can offer tailored solutions tailored to each particular circumstance.

High-Quality Workmanship:

Reputable roofing companies around Wem like ours take great pride in offering excellent craftsmanship. Using high quality materials and industry standard techniques, we ensure your repairs or re-roofs meet the highest standard.

Time and Cost Savings:

Doing roof repair yourself can be time-consuming and potentially costly, particularly without the right skills and tools. Hiring professionals can save both time and money in the long run as we will address problems quickly, potentially preventing further damage that may have required costly repairs in the future.


Slate Roof repairs can be hazardous for those unfamiliar with working at heights, yet our professional and qualified roofing team have been trained in safety procedures and possess all of the equipment needed for safe repairs. By hiring experts instead, injuries or accidents may be reduced or avoided altogether.


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